Rhonda Pitman

The founder of RSP, Rhonda Pitman, is an entrepreneur and strategic advisor with a vast knowledge of operational strategy, business modeling and organizational design. Educated as an art historian and a classically trained printmaker in addition to a passion for math and later going to business school, Rhonda is a true blend of right and left brain.  She is always working to streamline and improve the economics of businesses while being sensitive to the mission and creative vision behind them.  Over the last decade, she has built an impressive set of skills creating systems for growth stage companies, building her own ventures, and consulting corporate clients on strategy and execution.

Rhonda developed her talents working in the finance and technology sectors marrying analysis, strategy, management and marketing. She brought these to the world of consulting, helping clients build and manage operations, develop products, and drive creative direction. She went on to harvest her own brands in real estate, media, design and technology.

She is passionate about elevating women in business & media, health and wellness, and beautiful design experiences.

Accounting and finance extraordinaire. 

Digital and media business and creative genius, writer, marketing and content.

Entrepreneur and CEO of Emet Comics, YA comics rated for young girls.