How I Work

The foundation of my work is centered on a belief that every part of a business is equally important to the whole and that each part has to make the whole stronger than any individual parts. I apply this across business functions like operations, sales, finance and human resources as well as individuals making up your teams.

Every business is unique and I meet each client where they are.  I understand that you may want to grow or maybe you’ve grown too fast and need to rethink how you did it. I’m here to help and to give you a new vantage point to see your business, interpret your vision into actionable next steps throughout your organization.  



Finance Discovery, Review + Streamline

  • Establish Financial Reporting Standards + Guidelines for staff and management to follow
  • Financial Reporting leveraged for business decision making + business performance

Review + streamline

  • Assessing current practices and outcomes are critical to understanding where the gaps live in your business.
  • The goal is always to capture the current state and understand the relationships of all the parts of your business in order to streamline and improve the whole.


Organizational Issues

  • Process reviews + recommendations for improvements and efficiencies.
  • Guidelines for teams and management for 'how to' make long term adjustments.
  • Processes for accountability and KPIs.


Human Resources + Legal

  • HR processes and procedures like hiring, termination practices, employment files, compensation, annual review processes and more.
  • Contracts - client, employment agreements, contractor, NDAs, tech/product/service, vendors, real estate and more.
  • Review of business formation documents and impacts to goals such as the sale of the business or partnerships.

II. Roadmap

The step-by-step roadmap of recommendations I provide at the end of our engagement are prioritized and actionable next steps for each area of the business.  It may include best practices, new financial reporting recommendations, shifts in team work and processes, hiring suggestions for staff or consultants to achieve your desired outcomes, always with the goal of getting you to your goals. You may also decide whether to continue our work together for execution of recommendations.

Goal Setting

  • Revenue Targets
  • Sell/Acquisition
  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Identify *the biggest problem* the business faces from multiple perspectives
  • Communication

Operational Efficiencies

Small electrical projects like installing ceiling fans or light dimmers are no problem for me. I learned it all by doing it for my own household and family members. Ut euismod interdum urna eu tristique. Maecenas ut arcu purus.


Process Review 

  • Workflow of services or products and delivery to clients.
  • Business life-cycle + steps
  • Staff/Org Chart + Roles and Responsibilities


Accountability + How to's

  • Existing frameworks for accountability and tracking performance.


Best Practices

Recommendations for best practices in your location, industry or for your size of business that align with the goals and outcomes that we have identified in our work.